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Floriana Red Flint Polenta

Cornmeal made from Floriani Red Flint has a rich, warm and complex taste. And it makes
a polenta of unusual distinction. Family heirloom from the Valsugana valley of Italy. Originally brought to Italy from America, it evolved over hundreds of years to become the staple polenta corn of the valley.

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We are McEwen & Sons--Frank, Frank Jr., and Luke. Our stone-ground organic grits, cornmeal, and polenta are served in some of the finest restaurants in the United States, and they can be served in your home as well. We invite you explore our site, learn about our products, and try them for yourself.

I salute McEwen & Sons for grains that I believe to be unmatched in their quality and consistency. Chef David Worth, Philmont, NY


When we think about dishes, we always look for opportunities to add texture. The McEwen & Sons cornmeal doesn't just have rich sweetness, it adds an element of subtle texture. Chef Chris Hastings, Hot and Hot Fish Club, Birmingham, AL


The McEwens reinvented grits, which was a special mission in the South, because like a lot of Southern food, the life had been processed out of them. Frank Stitt, Highland Bar & Grill (in Town & Country magazine)


Since I began using these products, I have become an unofficial spokesman for the goodness of their source. Chef Clifton Holt, Little Savannah Restaurant and Bar, Birmingham, AL